SEED 2023 Registration Form

The deadline to register is: May 31, 2023

Registration is CLOSED

About Poster

We strongly encourage all SEED participants to present a poster which will be visited by UKC sponsors (from Korean universities and government agency) who are actively recruiting employees.

You can upload your poster whenever you are ready. Upload your post click here!!

Poster prizes include MacBook Air, Ipad, AirPods.

About Registration

Registration fee is required after your application is accepted and due at the time of online registration. 

$50 for graduate students, $75 for postdocs, and $100 for junior faculty, government employees, or early-stage professionals

If you are selected as SEED participant and present at the SEED workshop as a graduate student or postdoc, you can submit the same abstract to the UKC conference and present. UKC2023 will provide additional support for the participants who attend both SEED and UKC.

KSEA will provide the following additional financial support if you are selected for both SEED and UKC2023:

You are invited to submit a one-page paper to deliver presentations at the Technical Group Symposium. The one-page paper template must be completed by May 15, 2023.  Please must add [SEED2023] in your abstract title when submitting it to UKC2023.

How can I get more information about these KSEA events?

It’s easy! Join KSEA at They will send you all sorts of information via email. (sometimes too many :))