Session 2


Early Stage Postdocs and Graduating PhDs

Group2: Tenure-Track Faculty in Academia or Candidates

Group 3:

Early Career Professionals in Industry or Candidates

Panel: Seogjoo Jang (Professor, City University of New York)

Hyung J. Kim (Professor, Carnegie Mellon University), Young B. Choi (Associate Professor, Regent University),
Sunkyu Park (Associate Professor, North Carolina State University),
Changsoo Nam (Associate Professor, North Carolina State University),
Hee-Yong Kim (Senior Investigator, NIH)

Panel: Miachel Cho, Frank Lee (Professor, Drexel
University), Burtrand Lee (Program
Officer, American Chemical Society),

Chueng Ryong Ji (Professor, North Carolina State University)

Panel:  Alex Lee,

Jae H. Kim

(PhD, Executive/Senior
Technical Fellow of Boeing)

Topics: Searching
and Preparing for Job Applications, Writing Research Proposal, Building
Relationship with mentors and colleagues, Writing Effective CV, Interview

Topics: Tenure &
Promotion, Successful Grant Proposal, Teaching, Scholarship, Mentoring, and Service

Topics: Teamwork and
Communication (1 hr), Promotion evaluation criteria & salary review
(1hr), Discussion and Q&A (30 min)