SEECD 2013


Scientists and Engineers Early Career Development (SEECD) Workshop Program

Date: April 27 - 28, 2013
Venue: Hilton San Francisco airport bayfront, San Francisco, CA

KSEA is pleased to announce a workshop for career development opportunities for young academic researchers and industry professionals. The symposium will be tailored for postdocs, junior faculty members, and young industry researchers. Special focus will be placed on strategies for winning grants, publication of research in reputable journals, and advancement in academia and industry careers. Speakers include experts in grant and paper writing, as well as distinguished faculty members who can provide guidance for career development in a competitive environment. KSEA will generously subsidize transportation, meals, and lodging expenses. We strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity.

Benefits of the Workshop
1) Learn how to obtain research grants from funding agencies such as the NSF and NIH
2) Get information on job openings in academia, research institutions, and industry
3) Understand how to prepare for tenure/performance evaluation
4) Learn how to give an effective presentation
5) Build an information network with fellow scientists and engineers in the US

Travel Support for the Attendees
1) Airfare: $250.00 maximum if the travel distance in one way is more than 750 miles and $200 max otherwise.
2) Driving: Mileage reimbursement: KSEA standard (50 cents/mile). Driving mileage reimbursement cannot exceed the airfare for the same travel.
Please note that the amount list is the maximum allowed and do your best to minimize the cost.
3) Hotel accommodation: one night (Sat. April. 27th)
Room sharing (2 attendees per room) is required.
Attendants from SF area (30 min driving distance) will not be reimbursed for the hotel accommodation.
4) Meals: lunch and dinner on Sat. April. 27th, and breakfast and lunch on Sun. April. 28th

Hotel Reservation
The special room rate will be available until April 19th or until the group block is sold-out, whichever comes first.
Hotel Reservation Link

Application materials:Form, CV (web based)
The application should be submitted through the KSEA website. Follow the link below to submit the application

Application deadline:April 5, 2013

Selection criteria:Competitive Merit based selection
KSEA membership required: link to KSEA registration site (
Full attendance (for two days) required for the financial support. Maximum attendance: 120 people

Contact KSEA
KSEA HQ, 1952 Gallows Rd., Suite 300, Vienna, VA 22182 | (Voice) 703.748.1221 | (Fax) 703.748.1331 | (Email)